Feb. 15, 2019

agile42 is offering Scrum trainings in USA - Which Scrum course is right for you?

Are you looking for Scrum trainings in the U.S.? Read on to find out which course is right for you. 

In partnership with Aaron Sanders, agile42 is offering 25 certified Scrum courses (incl. CSM, CSPO, A-CSM, and A-CSPO) across 9 different states in the US. To see which Scrum course matches your needs, refer below for a summary of each course.


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Target Audience: Whether you are looking to adopt or are currently implementing Scrum, anyone who is interested in Scrum or Agile can attend the CSM.

Applicable to any industry you’re in: Education, Marketing, Finance, Software, Government, Retail, etc.

This training is suited for those who are new or first starting out in Scrum. It is also an excellent personal development course that can help you improve your productivity. This course will cover the following learning objectives:

  1. Origins of Agile - Adopt the key principles that form the foundation of Agile.
  2. What is Scrum - Explain what the roles (i.e. who is involved), events (i.e. what types of meetings), and artifacts (i.e. what is created) are in Scrum and why they exist.
  3. Product Backlog refinement - Generate and break down a list of items for value delivery.
  4. Scrum scenarios - Discuss how to handle real-world issues that occur in Scrum.

>> Learn more about our CSM: Apr 11th - Chicago | Apr 15th - NYC | May 23rd - Atlanta


Lego Simulation

Target Audience: Anyone involved with or interested in creating and building innovative products (e.g. Product Managers, Project Managers, Business Stakeholders, UX Practitioners, Product Marketers, Business Analysts, Senior Engineers)

This training is recommended for those who are responsible for creating valuable, usable and feasible product solutions. Scrum Masters and Agile coaches should also take this course to help guide successful product discovery and delivery. Through this course, you will be able to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. The Product Owner role - Identify what effective Product Owners do and how they collaborate with the development team and stakeholders.
  2. Product strategy - Communicate a product idea by identifying the problem being solved, who is affected by the problem, potential solutions, and metrics to evaluate the solution’s effectiveness.
  3. Customer research - Connect development teams to customers for generating new feature ideas and gain empathy with potential users.
  4. Testing product assumptions - Apply Scrum for inspecting and adapting the product.

>> Learn more about our CSPO: Apr 9th - Chicago | May 14th - Denver | Jun 10th - DC



Target Audience: Certified Scrum Masters with at least 1 year of work experience as a Scrum Master. Special Note: You can take the A-CSM right after the CSM. However, you will not receive the A-CSM certificate until you have proven your completion of 1 year work experience.

This training is focused on helping Scrum Masters form a richer understanding of their role, which includes dealing with challenges to Scrum, building trust with the team, and extending the impact of Scrum in the organization. This course will enable you to do the following:

  1. Effective facilitation - Guide teams through the process of collective decision making.
  2. Working with the team - Service your team’s development and address common team dysfunctions.
  3. Working with the Product Owner - Support the Product Owner in moving from the overall Product Vision to Product Backlog Items.
  4. Working with the organization - Influence organizational change and help Scrum teams become more productive.

>> Learn more about our A-CSM: Mar 4th - LA | Sep 9th - Chicago | Sep 16th - DC



Target Audience: Certified Scrum Product Owners with at least 1 year of work experience as a Product Owner. Special Note: You can take the A-CSPO right after the CSPO. However, you will not receive the A-CSPO certificate until you have proven your completion of 1 year work experience.

This training provides advanced techniques on generating new product and feature ideas, collaborating effectively with stakeholders, preparing for product development, and keeping teams engaged. This course will provide tools and techniques to help you with the following:

  1. Create shared understanding - Check for differences in understanding by visualizing ideas to get everyone working towards the same results.
  2. Establish a product ownership team - Form a cross-functional product ownership team to work with stakeholders, subject matter experts, and users.
  3. Learn from potential users - Engage in conversations to gain empathy and to learn what’s important to different types of people.
  4. Discover and design product solutions - Generate solution ideas by thinking through the user’s experience while focusing on outcomes.
  5. Test and validate product assumptions - Break down your big product idea into incremental releases which enables testing your assumptions.

>> Learn more about our A-CSPO: May 16th - Denver | Oct 10th - NYC | Oct 21st - Chicago

Don’t miss out on the Early Bird! Find a public Scrum training in your area and register today: https://www.agile42.com/en/training/list/us/

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