Meet us at Agile People Sweden 2018

We are happy to be at Agile People Sweden, a conference with a diverse set set of participants and speakers as possible: people from IT, Management, HR and other professions and people with different backgrounds from different parts of the world come to Stockholm between 23rd and 26th of October, 2018 to discuss ways of collaboration and interactions between people with different perspectives.

Keynote speakers will include Doug Kirkpatrick, Evan Leybourn, Fabiola Eyholzer and Dave Snowden.

agile42 will host and sponsor the coach clinic on the main day of the conference, Thursday October 25th. The coach clinic is a service for attendees of the conference, where attendees get free help from experienced coaches on any topic of their choice, and keynote speaker Dave Snowden will make an appearance as well. The sessions will be 15 minutes long, were the coaches are helping the attendees with their problems and questions. An attendee can extend the session if no one is in line waiting. Attendees can sign up for multiple appointments if one appointment is not enough.

We at agile42 wish to see as many of you as possible at the coach clinic! Sign up for the coach clinic on our board besides the clinic at the event, or drop in if there are free appointments. We are looking forward to meeting you, so come to join us at the conference. Remember to sign up fast, the appointments will be popular!