Change Management for Breakfast

Business today is moving faster than at any time in history.
Technology drives change in every industry, impacting not just the
incumbents but the feeder and support industries. Change is
accelerating and the impact of change is increasingly fatal. Many
organizations have built in resistance to being agile through:

  • Long planning cycles that tie into moon shot projects and rigid budgeting parameters.
  • A business case focus on individual initiatives rather than a program orientation.
  • Siloed planning with limited cross collaboration.

will discuss “An Agile Approach to Change Management” at the Breakfast
Event of CMC-Canada in Vancouver, BC. Let’s meet October 5,
7:00am-9:00am​, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 655 Burrard St. Vancouver.

We’ll talk about how creating a resilient organization
starts with rapid delivery and why many major organizations are turning
their attention to less costly on-demand releases
. We’ll look
at how customer rapport is the new driver of operational efficiency,
where not building something is invariably cheaper than optimizing the
operational cost of building anything at all. And finally, we’ll
discuss a little about how companies are building in strategic sensing
capabilities. Discussed within the context of agile delivery, this talk
will cover where an agile mindset can lead you beyond agile basics,
and understand some of the opportunities that lie ahead.

You can register online at CMC Canada.