Coaching at the Nordic Business Forum in Helsinki

By Events

I am very happy to be able to volunteer as a coach representing Scrum Alliance at Nordic Business Forum 2019 that will be held in Helsinki on October 9 and 10.

We will inspire and educate the 7,500 participants about agile. We will have one on one conversations with these leaders to help identify opportunities for them to implement sustainable agility in their workplaces and, at the Scrum Alliance booth, the attendees can complete a questionnaire about agility in their workplace. From there, an appointment is scheduled with one of the Scrum Alliance coaches to facilitate a conversation determined by their agile needs.

This is a special event as it marks the 10th anniversary of the flagship business conference and this year, the seminar focuses on the theme of growth.

The Nordic Business Forum is attended by executives from around Scandinavia, Europe, and other places around the world. 85% of attendees are from Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway). These executives work in a variety of different industries including, Technology, Automotive, Marketing, Finance and Education. The main objective of the Nordic Business Forum is to gather together many of the world’s leaders to ignite conversation about leadership and sustainability.

The goal of Scrum Alliance sponsoring this event is to reach a new audience of leaders that might not be familiar with agile frameworks like Scrum, but that are interested in organizational agility. The goal is to inspire and educate them about business agility and its benefits as well as sustainable agility.

If you attend the event in Helsinki, make sure to look out for the Scrum Alliance booth!