Coaching Opposing Sides: A Transformation Journey

At LKNA16 I presented togeher with Kevin Tidball the talk Coaching Opposing Sides: A Transformation Journey. Thanks to the team of the Lean Kanban Conference I am able to offer a video recording of the session.

The session was about managing a large program where the organization is in the midst of Agile transition. There are some Scrum teams and many traditionally managed resource pools. How do you manage a large program when there are incremental and iterative agile teams that are working alongside traditionally managed resource pools? Using a magic wand to wish all traditionalists will start “being scrummified” auto-magically is not an option. How do you work through the real-world challenges? Can evolutionary change “habits” trigger changes in both traditionalists and scrum-mers?

For more information about how the major player in the insurance industry moved away from traditional project management to Agile with the help of agile42 approach and tools you can read our case study.