An Agile Approach to Change Management

Last month I took part in the first Regional Scrum Gathering Canada, on March 26 & 27at the Hyatt Regency Toronto, where I presented the talk Why stop at your IT department? Or an Agile approach to Change Management.

Business agility is more than the organization’s IT shop adopting an agile delivery method. Business agility depends on three core capabilities: rapid delivery, strategic sensing, and customer rapport. As such it builds resilience to change as a strategic imperative and eventually it allows businesses to build a strategic advantage in driving change.

Investments in “agile” from an IT perspective will not increase business agility. So what does a company need in order to successfully drive change rather than react to it?

We talked about how creating a resilient organization starts with rapid delivery and why many major organizations are turning their attention to less costly on-demand releases. We looked at how customer rapport is the new driver of operational efficiency, where not building something is invariably cheaper than optimizing the operational cost of building anything at all. 

Here are the slides for the session, and if you are in Portland, Maine for Agile Maine Day next week (May 4th) you’ll get the chance to hear the latest version of the talk.