Introducing the agile42 Enterprise Transition Framework

Enterprise Transition Framework agile42 has always believed that Agile is more about a change in mindset than yet-another-process-definition. Becoming Agile as an organization goes beyond focusing only on Product Development and Delivery dimensions. It permeates the whole organization.

Over the past years we have been helping many companies to successfully convert into Agile organizations and we have created from our experience the Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF) that leads and supports an organization through the process of becoming more Agile. The focus of ETF is to allow an organization to implement continuous improvement and to experience change in an empirically controlled way.

The ETF is not only a unique approach to enterprise continuous improvement, but also a library of reusable tools and training modules which enable an organization to evolve very rapidly in their own way. ETF practices have proven successful across a wide-range of industries. Through a scientifically validated approach the ETF enables your organization to foster a continuous improvement culture, which will allow your business strategy to succeed.

The ETF provides the right tools and methods to become Agile. Since the Enterprise Transition Framework by agile42 is fully scalable, it doesn’t matter whether you are a local or small business or a multinational corporation – it will work for every organization.

To better highlight how the ETF can help your organization we have prepared an introductory 5-minute video you can watch here or on our YouTube channel.

Find extra information on our website and please get in touch with our team if you want to know more!