From Agile to Agility in Lisbon

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I will present during Day 1 of the eXperience Agile Conference on 30 September in Lisbon, Portugal. The title of my talk is Moving from Agile to Agility where I will cover the key issues that are leading the development of ORGANIC agility.

The eXperience Agile Conference is an event that brings together great speakers, cutting-edge Agile practices and exciting learning opportunities for any domain or industry. Taking to the next step is the leitmotif for this year conference of eXperience Agile. The team in Lisbon started five years ago with a small step, fell frequently, learned from the previous events, but with the determination that they could make a differentiation, they now organize an amazing event.

Tickets are still available

for the eXperience Agile and DevOps Conference 2019, see you in Lisbon.