Insurance industry case study

In business, significant organizational change is challenging, particularly for large, well-established corporations. Change of this nature involves a substantial investment and a level of risk. Yet, with today’s increasingly competitive market demanding faster, more efficient product delivery, even traditionally risk-averse businesses are making critical decisions to stay in the game.

Such is the case with a company in the insurance industry that began the transformation from a Waterfall project management method to an Agile approach in 2014 with the implementation of two successful pilot teams. When moving forward and scaling beyond these pilots required a more comprehensive approach, the company partnered with agile42 in the summer of 2015. Unlike other coaching companies, agile42’s Enterprise Transition Framework™ (ETF) offered a pathway to success, an important consideration for any company, especially one in a risk-averse industry.

A strategy session using agile42 approach

Today, with the help of agile42’s unique empirical approach and trademarked tools, the company, currently with seven agile teams and more in the immediate pipeline, continues to move closer to becoming fully agile.

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