agile42 Sweden is hiring a new coach!

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Since the business of agile42 is growing, and the Swedish market is growing fast, we are now looking for a new coach that would be working together with our great team in Stockholm, Sweden!

What we expect from you

Your primary focus would be to help, support and coach our local customers in their unique journey of working agile. You will get the chance to co-coach and co-train our customers (also worldwide) together with your local and international colleagues. This is a perfect way to learn from all our coaches and get a broader view of ways of coaching. Some of your work time will be spent in the other Nordic countries as well as in the Baltics and Europe. It is important that you enjoy traveling since it will be a part of your work.

As a new coach at agile42, you will be able to take part in our fantastic on-boarding program. In the onboarding program, you will learn techniques like coaching, problem-solving, handling of conflicts, team building, and team structuring, just to mention a few things. You will also learn about team development, and develop new skills of your own. You will learn how to train and coach others, and get new graphics skills. Facilitating graphically is important at agile42. If you have competence and experience in these fields from before, that is seen as a benefit! But it is not a requirement.

One thing that we highly value and expect from you is your willingness and attitude towards coaching. We expect that you are open and curious, that you have a will to learn through experimenting. It is important that you can reflect over yourself, and your way of working, and that you are willing to learn and improve yourself where needed. Most importantly, we hope that you are as a person willing to help and support others. Everyone wants to reach their goals, and together this is best achieved!

It is important that you as a coach have a good understanding of team dynamics and that you can understand and read social situations. You need to have some previous competence in problem-solving and in facilitating, and you shall be analytic and willing to work together with an international team of experienced coaches. One of your greatest benefits shall be that you are very outgoing and social, good at communicating fluently in both Swedish and English. Any other language skill is a big plus.

You must have a few years of work experience in the field as e.g. ScrumMaster or as the role of an Agile Coach.

The work culture and the international family of agile42

To agile42, it is important to have a progressive and social culture within the organization. Our culture can best be described as an international clan, an international family. We like people who actively take part in our tasks, that are engaged and cooperative, that get things done. You will find a lot of knowledge and expertise in your colleagues, get a lot of autonomy and independence in your work. There are very few bosses and leaders, and only a minimum of bureaucracy.

At agile42 we care about our colleagues and we support your personal learning and journey. We help and support you as a new member of agile42 by mentoring, supporting, co-coaching and co-training with you. Learning by doing is a strong wording we use at agile42. We will for sure inspire each other a lot on the way!

We meet our colleagues regularly

Every year, agile42 keeps 5 meet-ups that we call Coach Camps, where the colleagues from Europe will meet (in this case), and 1 international Coach Camp when all the colleagues of the whole company meet. At the Coach Camps days, you will meet and collaborate with, and have fun with colleagues from Germany, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and representatives from South Africa, USA, and Canada. During the Coach Camps, we share what we have learned, we share experience and knowledge, situations and feedback. We also make our service portfolio better, improve things that we think need additional updates.

Where can you find us?

agile42 is founded in Berlin in 2007. Since day 1, we have been growing. Today there are agile42 offices in more than 10 countries worldwide, and we are about 50 employees today. Since we are growing fast, we are now looking for new coaches to join our team in Sweden!

The office in Sweden is founded in 2017, so we are still relatively new on the Swedish market. The companies and customers we have been working with are very happy with the work and the quality of the coaches, and this is something we like to maintain even in the future. If you like working and supporting agile, love to help and support, mentor and coach people, make the success of companies even better, then agile42 is the answer to all of that. You will get to work with companies of different sizes and with unique backgrounds, and you will learn a lot from our clients. This workplace is the place you want to work at!

agile42 has been listed as the winner of “The Red Herring Top 100 Europe” and is generally known as one of the leading agile coaching companies in the world. This is something we are very proud of!

If this work position sounds like something you want to do, as something you are passionate about, send us your CV and your application to [email protected]. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at +46 76 854 9417!