Leadership Alignment with ORGANIC Agility Principles at OOP 2018

We are happy to be once again sponsors of OOP 2018, the conference for software architecture that will take place in Munich, Germany, from February 5th to 9th. On the first day of the event, Monday, February 5th, we will facilitate a full-day workshop for managers and decision makers that have to deal with strategic decision making within Agile environments. 

In becoming more Agile, it is difficult for organizations to continue using traditional tools to steer their business. Traditional yearly or quarterly planning, as well as long-term strategies, are not sufficient to address rapidly changing market conditions. Many organizations realize the need to commit to decisions as late as possible and to explore multiple options before committing to one particular option, is of fundamental importance in order to reduce risk. 

The workshop will introduce and follow the ORGANIC Agility Principles. ORGANIC is both an acronym and a metaphor that suggest a natural and biological context. The idea behind is to shift the paradigm of organizational design thinking and change management towards something which isn’t engineered, nor manufactured, but that rather grows and evolve like a natural thing. Organizations are more similar to networks of organisms as they are to machines. Using an organic metaphor allows considering properties, such as resilience, which aren’t present in our engineered world, but are in nature.

We will also work together experimenting the Agile Strategy Map™, a tool agile42 coaches have developed to provide a structure for decision making and, thereby, helping companies to achieve more confidence and direction during an Agile Transition. The Agile Strategy Map enables the leadership team to align and coordinate their efforts both on a strategic and tactical level. This will be an interactive workshop where the participants will experience how to create an aligned strategy, visualize it and follow up the strategic and tactical decision making throughout an organization’s agile journey.

Read more on the OOP 2018 conference website.