Notes from the Scrumtisch of November 2011

By Scrumtisch Berlin

Again our famous Scrumtisch took place on November 10th, 2011 at the Cafe Hundertwasser in Friedrichshain.

Andrea Tomasini started the meeting with his impressions of the Scrum Gathering in London and as usual topics were chosen by the group.  The following issues which were discussed:

  • 3 teams but how many backlogs
  • My teams do not like cross-functional
  • Team changing at every sprint, what to do? Scrum is empowerment…
  • How to trace dependencies between stories in the product backlog
  • Planning meeting is too long, estimation is hard 

3 teams but how many backlogs?

  •  stable and performing
  • people shuffling every sprint
  • The management decide how to sort things: sometimes the team has 2 to 3 members
  • 20+20 people work in Berlin and Hamburg
  • different inputs all shuffled before the Sprint

A solution can be that you consider larger teams for higher productivity. If the product owner is breaking too much backlog items, it is forcing the people to „just“ execute. The last piece of freedom left to people is to come together as they wish.

My teams do not like cross-functional

After getting all the information we also discussed the difference between cross-domain and cross-functional.

If you are using Scrum and happen to be in Berlin – send an e-mail to Marion to let her know you are interested in the event or simply join us at the published date. We are looking forward to seeing you there.