Notes from the November Scrumtisch

It’s been a thrilling special event for Berlin Scrumtisch (the Scrum User Group officially approved by the Scrum Alliance). Since a number of European coaches of agile42 were in town for their scheduled European Coach Camp, the Scrumtisch has featured a Meet the Coach night where Certified Scrum Coaches and Certified Scrum Trainers have taken lead on the topics proposed by the audience. The gathering took place at the American Diner Berlin in Friedrichshain, and you can see the sixties-inspired place from the photos!

Scrumtisch November topics

Users picked topics from the big board and (self-)organized in groups to discuss them. During the first sprint of twenty minutes we have seen discussion about:

  • How to grow an Agile community in a company
  • Agile at scale (including SAFe and our own ETF)
  • How not to lose overview between epics and stories
  • Agile portfolio management
  • Any chance of survival for a team of 13?
  • Product Owner vs Product Manager

After a general discussion with the audience, new topics surfaced:

  • Effective Agile transition teams
  • How to improve velocity
  • Preferred methodology for a startup: Kanban or Scrum?
  • Management training
  • Prioritizing a backlog
  • Long-time investments and estimates

Audience at Berlin Scrumtisch November 2014


Thanks to Bent Myllerup, Roberto Bettazzoni, Peter Hundermark, Ralf Kruse, Gaetano Mazzanti, Joanne Perold, Andrea Tomasini, Niels Verdonk and Lasse Ziegler who were present. See you in 2015!