Online visualization workshop with Benjamin Felis

person holding brown pencil

In most of our classes, the training participants are impressed by the visualization approach used by our coaches. Instead of relying on a prepared PowerPoint deck, we start with a blank canvas that gets filled with words, symbols and pictures live during the class.

The ability to visualize is an essential skill for a coach but also crucial in many fields in our professional work life. Known as Visual Facilitation, Visual Recording, Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Scribing or Visual thinking, it refers to the way of documenting and presenting spoken language into pictures and metaphors.

Benjamin Felis, a friend of agile42 and teacher of these techniques to most of our coaches, brings now his visualization workshop to a new online, on-demand format that everyone can follow, at their own pace, from their computers. Just register on the platform and immediately access the course with video lessons, worksheets and practical tips. An extended “coaching” version also includes 3 half-hour individual coaching sessions via Skype or Zoom.

Benjamin Felis is based in Berlin, he is a former graffiti artist and works as a full-time graphic recorder & illustrator since 2013. He’s been teaching creative visualization for over 8 years, and he has worked in over 15 countries in Europe, South America and Africa.

Watch the short introduction video!