ORGANIC agility: The handbook is now here!

By ORGANIC agility

For most readers of this blog, there will be nothing new about the words “ORGANIC agility”. Put simply, ORGANIC agility decenters the mechanical approach that sees organizations as machines built of discrete parts but sees them instead as living networks of relationships between people. Their growth, their culture, and their ability to adapt are all related to this sense of potential and responsiveness that can be found in natural, evolving systems. We believe that this approach is the best way to resilience in the constantly shifting and dangerous market environment organizations of all sizes operate in.

ORGANIC agility draws from a rich background of organizational theory and offers support in the form of a leadership framework, a flexible scaffold of five guiding principles, and a set of practical methods and tools. As you can imagine, the entire concept can be quite dense. Last year we started composing a booklet, initially with the purpose of orienting our training attendees around its landscape. This soon took a life of its own and expanded to include information around each of the core concepts of ORGANIC agility, alongside practical tools to support the theory components.

Responding to popular demand, we are now making this handbook available to the general public, hoping that anyone who is interested in organizational culture, leadership, resilience, and adaptation can benefit from access to it. With this handbook, we hope to support your explorations and start you down new paths, not with an exact map, but with a compass.

You can purchase the handbook on Amazon in print and Kindle formats.