Report from the Scrumtisch Berlin of January 2018

Thanks to everybody who joined the Scrumtisch in Berlin on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 and special thanks to SAP for providing such great facilities, drinks and eats.

As so often, we begin by collecting the topics that the audience was interested in talking about. In the end, the roughly 24 participants discussed the following ones in small groups:

  • No estimates in Scrum

  • Priorities focus on agile adoption

  • Agile contracting

  • Team manager and scrum master on the same team?

  • How to grow communities of practice?

  • What to do with a big team of 15 people?

  • Product owner as a proxy

Finally, each group presented to the whole audience the results of their discussions with the agile42 coaches adding their 2 cents when needed.

We hope that you enjoyed as much as we did. Thanks again to everyone who participated.