Sept. 4, 2019

Campaigning for Dave

agile42 coach Dave Sharrock is running for Scrum Alliance Member Elected Director and we support his candidacy!

The Scrum Alliance is a nonprofit organization and the largest, most established and influential professional membership group in the agile and Scrum community. agile42 works closely with the organization and our Certified Scrum Trainers have trained thousands of ScrumMasters (CSM), Scrum Product Owners (CSPO) and more under the banner of the Scrum Alliance.

Now Dave Sharrock, one of our best trainers and the founder of agile42 in North America, is running to be elected on the Board of Directors of the Scrum Alliance. We hope the large community of agile42 alumni will share the word about his candidacy and help us getting Dave elected!

Dave Sharrock training

Here’s what Dave writes in the introduction to his candidacy:

“Scrum is now commonplace, but a common understanding is rare. This is why institutions like the Scrum Alliance matter. The Scrum Alliance raises awareness, educates and consolidates emergent practices. It fights for mindshare and challenges incumbent thinking. The Scrum Alliance also puts the spotlight on success as Agile and Scrum are internalized and companies look to justify their investments. The need for great Scrum teams and organizations that strive to adhere to agile principles has never been greater.”

You can read here in full Dave’s message to Scrum Alliance members.

If you’re a member of the Scrum Alliance in good standing, you should already have received an email with the Subject of “Cast Your Vote in the election for your 2020 Scrum Alliance Member Elected Director” which includes a unique registration code and a link to vote. You can then vote with a couple of clicks. Voting closes Monday, September 9.

If you believe you are entitled to vote, but you haven’t received your personal email, check your Spam folder or similar, or contact

If you never attended an official Scrum Alliance certification class, or you let your certification lapse after two years, unfortunately, you will not be able to vote for the new Board. You can still help Dave’s candidacy by sharing his profile or this post with friends and colleagues who you know are active in the Agile community and members of the Scrum Alliance.

If you want to know more, we published an interview with Dave Sharrock in August 2015 for our Meet the Coach series.

Thanks for your support!

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Alessio Bragadini

Web community manager of agile42, trying to post relevant, informational, fun bits of content on the blog and social networks
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Image of abragad

Alessio Bragadini

Web community manager of agile42, trying to post relevant, informational, fun bits of content on the blog and social networks

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