Scrumtisch Berlin 25.04.2013

On 25th of April Ralf Kruse hosted the Scrumtisch in Berlin. We had some 15-20 attendees and started by capturing interesting topics.

Topic Backlog


  • Transition from technical role to PO role (2)
  • When to do estimations (2)
  • Agile vs. management culture (6/7)
  • Intrinsic motivation in an agile environment (5)
  • How to tell management to relax (4)
  • How to handle weak POs (3)
  • Why Scrum does not work (2)

Agile vs. Management Culture

Agile vs Mgmt Culture

The host of this topic had the example that new, unknown stakeholders join Sprint Reviews and come with new requirements without knowing anything about agile and the team’s new development approach.

The question now was how to handle management and stakeholders who has no knowledge about agile. Following ideas were discussed:

  • welcome new attendees at the Review meeting and explain the meeting/format
  • enable the PO to do proper stakeholder management
  • explain to stakeholders before and during the project how Scrum works
  • stakeholders need to share the vision
  • PO role and person needs legitimisation by management

Intrinsic Motivation in an Agile Environment

We had a more general discussion about motivators, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Following points have been mentioned:

  • people on the project need to share the vision
  • team decides how to split rewards (if there are any, as rewards are extrinsic motivators)
  • people involved in decision making are more motivated to act upon it (so Scrum is a good way to realise such involvement in every meeting)
  • everybody has different motivators = handle people individually
  • enable appreciation between team members
  • know exactly what drives yourself
  • There were some book recommendations as well:
    • Julius Kuhl – Die Kunst der Selbstmotivation
    • Daniel Pink – Drive
    • Chip Conley – Peak

How to Tell Management to Relax

The example observations of the topic host were:

  • story points / velocity are taken too seriously
  • retrospectives contain 80% negative topics
  • management does not see things that go right

Discussed suggestions:

  • make every Review meeting awesome and useful for management
  • explain how Scrum/Agile works to management
  • keep management busy with other things
  • build up trust with stakeholders

Schnitzel and ongoing talks

Finally we ordered some food and had ongoing discussions on the topics. It was a great evening and we’re looking forward to see you at the next Scrumtisch here in Berlin.