Scrumtisch Berlin: February 8th, 2017

Thanks to everybody who joined the Scrumtisch in Berlin on Wednesday and special thanks to Newstore for providing such great hosting facilities.

As usual we started collecting topics. The list according to your votes (in brackets) was as follows:

  • Encouraging self-organisation (23)
  • Team metrics and Management (17)
  • Visibility in distributed environment (15)
  • Scrum Master vs Agile Coach responsabilities (15)
  • Predictability (9)
  • Distributed teams in far locations. How to deal with them (7)
  • Product Owner and scaled environments (6)
  • How to become obsolete as Scrum Master (5)

Then, we split in five different groups and each group discussed one of the top 5 most voted topics for 20 minutes. Afterwards, each group presented their topic and gathered feedback from the others participants, plus the agile42 coaches.

Below, you can find some pictures from the event. We hope that you enjoyed as much as we did. Thanks again to everyone who participated.