Good VIBE at Scrumtisch Berlin

The March 2018 edition of Berlin’s Scrum user group Scrumtisch took place at SAPโ€™s Berlin office and was facilitated by Simon Sablowski. Around 35 Scrum practitioners came to discuss, share and learn together.

We chose a format that allowed us to:

  • exchange about agile topics
  • practice presentation skills
  • cultivate giving and receiving feedback

Volunteers presented their chosen topics within 5 minutes. Each presentation was followed by an exchange on the topic, triggered by the questions from the audience. Finally, the presenters had the chance to receive feedback from the audience about their presentation style and content. The audience was asked to observe the presentations and give feedback using the VIBE technique where they focused on either voice, information, body language, or emotion.

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Thank you to everyone who made this evening enjoyable and valuable. Special thanks to the great people at SAP for hosting!