Talking about Agile Transformations at Keep Austin Agile 2015

I am happy to present at Keep Austin Agile 2015 today, organized by Agile Austin. The title of my talk is “Measuring What Matters in Your Agile Transformation” and we will discuss together how can you clearly articulate the business goals of your agile transformation, and how can you effectively measure your progress and success.

We will show how to use the Agile Strategy Map™ to define your Agile transformation strategy, and give real-world examples of strategies used successfully by many organizations. Participants will get practice using the Strategy Map and identifying some metrics that matter.

Agile Strategy Map™

Before starting the journey to becoming an agile organization, it’s critical to define your business objectives: quality, time to market, productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, employee engagement, or whatever challenges you need to address. To make those goals real, they need to be measurable. Because the journey may be long, you need both leading indicators to know if you’re going in the right direction, and lagging indicators to tell if your goals have been met.

The Agile Strategy Map is a comprehensive framework for guiding an Agile transformation, and the presentation includes many great examples of successful strategies used by many organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a few parts of a strategy so their learning will ‘stick’, and they will also learn from other participants.