ORGANIC agility Masterclasses

Do you need the Masterclass?

If you are a consultant, an internal coach or interested in the science, theories, and patents on which our frameworks are based, the masterclass is the right way to dig deeper. The masterclass gives you access to an expanded toolset. Through the deep dive, plus practice and training experience, you can reach three different accreditation levels, which enable you to teach your own ORGANIC agility classes and certify the attendees.


The Foundation Masterclass is a one (1) day training. The Advanced Masterclass is a two (2) day training.



For the Foundations Masterclass you should have attended the ORGANIC agility Foundations Class. For the Advanced Masterclass you should have attended the ORGANIC agility Advanced Class.

ORGANIC agility Foundation Masterclass

This Masterclass of one day (1) will primarily focus on creating the foundation to allow candidates for the ORGANIC agility Professional designation to learn how to use and deliver the training material, as well as a deep dive into the theory to enable them to use it in practice and to answer questions in a class/workshop environment.

The program starts by introducing Training from the Back of the Room as a training design approach, and then deep dives into each of the theory blocks experienced in the Foundation class, providing a stronger background theory.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding of the underlying theory of ORGANIC agility, starting from the approach, the idea of principles as scaffolding and the leadership framework
  • ORGANIC leadership framework, three dimensions with interventions
  • Cynefin framework, basics, liminal, dynamics and fractals
  • ORGANIC Principles deep dive on methods: Competing Values Framework, Value Stream Discovery, Competence Mapping, Agile Strategy Map

ORGANIC agility Advanced Masterclass

This Masterclass of two (2) days is targeting existing ORGANIC agility Professionals with at least 1 year of experience and 2 case studies completed, and will allow them to move to the ORGANIC agility Expert denomination, which includes the allowance to teach advanced classes.

The content of the 2 days is primarily focused on sharing cases and discussing advanced techniques to support consulting and coaching using the ORGANIC agility framework. The class requires practitioners to prepare their cases and share it in the group, to allow for feedback and sharing tips and tricks that worked or didn't work in clients engagements.

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