Strategy Map facilitation workshop

These leadership workshops can be done remotely and on-site.

Manage your strategy and react fast with equanimity to changes

The ORGANIC agility Strategy Map facilitation workshop is a series of sessions in which we support you to create your Strategy Map and set up your unique operating models. An ORGANIC agility Professional accredited coach will guide you and your peers to use the Strategy Map Framework, to create a better alignment around your goals and to define workable structures to gain control of the impact of changes.

By using the online tool you can manage the strategy remotely. This reduces the  need to get together all the time to coordinate efforts and synchronize activities as the Strategy Map covers both the design and the operational work involved to implement a strategy

Agile Strategy Map Package

Duration, setup, timing

On-site Setup: 4 days, non consecutive or

Remote Setup: Series of 2-4 hour interactive virtual sessions

Format of delivery

The content follows the documented Strategy Map framework  and can be delivered remotely using a combination of boards and the Strategy Map tool as well as on-site in a workshop format.