ORGANIC agility Premium Subscription

39,00 (excl. VAT) / month

Get access to monthly group coaching clinics on ORGANIC agility topics, recordings of 1-2-1 leadership coaching sessions and one eLearning module every month.

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For further information about this product or for orders of 3 or more attendees, contact [email protected]

In return for a monthly membership fee, members can have access to the Premium Channel of the ORGANIC agility Community Workspace. This channel is intended to provide a home for active agile leaders to explore and support each other with some additional premium content to support their specific challenges and professional growth.

The benefits that members of the ORGANIC agility® Premium Community can expect are:

    • A more exclusive safe space to mentor and be mentored, coach and be coached, support and be supported, give and receive feedback, co-create and learn. 
    • A private, moderated Community channel.
    • Access to a group of committed, experienced and supportive agile professionals with hundreds of years of agile experience in multiple industries, domains and cultures seeking to grow and learn together.
    • Monthly coaching clinics to discuss specific topics in real-time over various audio and video media.
    • Monthly recordings of 1-2-1 coaching sessions between members and moderators.
    • One new eLearning module per month.

In addition to the values and behaviors expected in the ORGANIC agility Foundation Community, members of the ORGANIC agility Premium Community are also expected to:

    • Maintain confidentiality of challenges shared in the coaching clinics and 1-2-1 sessions, not sharing this content with anyone outside of the community.
    • Not use the information shared by members to leverage influence or otherwise manipulate a member for one’s personal or professional advantage.