ORGANIC agility Professional Subscription

99,00 (excl. VAT) / month

Join the ORGANIC agility professional community and share your experience and learn from other great minds.

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Members who have met the following conditions, are eligible to join the ORGANIC agility Professional Community:

    • Completed the ORGANIC agility training pathway, including the ORGANIC agility Foundation Master Class
    • Signed the ORGANIC agility Professional NDA and licence agreement
    • Subscribed to the ORGANIC agility Professional Community membership fee
The benefits that members of the ORGANIC agility Professional Community can expect are:
    • Access to the private Professional channel for sharing thoughts, developments and challenges.
    • Access to the private ORGANIC agility intranet site
    • ORGANIC agility Marketing material that you can freely use in your business
    • SessionLab templates for all ORGANIC agility courses and additional modules (both in-person and remote)
    • Miro board templates for ORGANIC agility modules
    • Centralised listing service for all ORGANIC agility training courses
    • A personalised trainer profile page displaying all of your courses
    • 25% royalty commission for reselling ORGANIC agility tool licences and online courses
    • Access to the ORGANIC agility Premium community
In addition to the values and behaviours expected in the ORGANIC agility Foundation Community and the ORGANIC agility Premium Community, members of the ORGANIC agility Professional Community are also expected to:
    • Refrain from outright marketing of their professional services within the wider ORGANIC agility Community
    • Role-Model exemplary behaviour to the rest of the ORGANIC agility Community and assist in de-escalating and moderating any potential conflict or code of conduct infringements.