Agile Transition – What you need to know before starting

We have produced our FREE first paper on a topic dear to our hearts, “Agile Transitions”. Our hope is that we provide the community with some thoughts that will provoke and inspire change. Written by the agile coaches of agile42, Agile Transition shares some fundamental knowledge to support many of the observations and conclusions that we have identified within organizations that have transitioned to a more agile approach to work. We share our failures and learnings in organizations transitioning to embrace agile, and we share our experiences of what is required to succeed. You can download the PDF, ePub or MOBI version of the book from InfoQ in English or Croatian (thanks to Damir Prusac and Marko Keba for the translation).

Other formats

You can also download the PDF, ePub or MOBI version of DBS book from InfoQ.

Also available in English in Apple Books format.