Hypoport - Success Story

"The experience and professionalism of agile42 during the analysis and optimization of our corporate structures helped us to become faster and more effective in achieving our aims."

Success Story Hypoport AG

Prior Project Situation and Definition of Objectives

Since years Hypoport experiences a strong and dynamic growth in all mayor enterprise figures, including the number of employees. The management of Hypoport IT decided to introduce Scrum some years ago, in order to respond quickly to the changing customer requirements and priorities.

Although Hypoport IT had its own procedure which was working well and fulfilled its original intention, they recognized that some potentials in the overall process of the realization of customer demands and in Scrum itself could be improved.


  • The existing software-development-process should be defined clearly, from the first product idea of the Solution Owner, to the Product Management and the User Story Engineering by the Product Owner with final realization in Scrum.
  • All Stakeholders, especially employees and customers, were part of the development process and have been committed to the procedure.
  • Scrum should be lived and used efficiently.
  • Furthermore the professional work of the Scrum masters lead to a strong increase in productivity, quality and Time-To-Market.

Realization and Results

Following a systematic analysis and documentation of the recent procedure together with Hypoport IT a lot of our aims have been reached, e.g. adjustments in the IT-Assessment, Product Owner Training and Coaching, interviews with employees, Product-Backlog-optimization and intensive Scrum Team training and coaching. Even the long-term aims, can now be reached systematically and with a high probability of success.

"Through the professional and systematic implemented optimization of Scrum -done by agile42- in the software development of Hypoport, we achieved many improvements in terms of staff motivation, quality and productivity.”

Hypoport AG

The Hypoport Group situated in Berlin is an internet based one stop financial services provider. The business model of the Hypoport Group comprises of two interdependent units, direct sales of financial products and the maintenance of its in house developed transaction platform for the brokerage of financial products via the internet.

Dr. Klein & Co. AG, Hypoport's wholly owned subsidiary, offers retail clients a comprehensive variety of financial products from giro accounts, insurances to mortgage loans via the internet and, if requested, offers advice both over the telephone or face-to-face. Dr. Klein & Co. AG chooses the most suitable products for the clients from a broad selection of more than 100 well-known banks and insurances, strictly conforming to the best advice principle. The internet driven processes generate cost advantages which are passed on to the retail clients, providing Dr. Klein a significant competitive advantage against local banks and insurance agencies. Furthermore the business division Real Estate Business Clients of Dr. Klein & Co. AG, which has been operating since 1954, is the undisputed market leader in the brokerage of mortgage solutions to the municipal and cooperative housing industry.

The Hypoport Group maintains with its B2B financial marketplace EUROPACE the biggest German web based transaction platform for the clearing of financial products. A fully integrated system links more then 30 banks with over 1.000 brokers and enables immediate and direct placement of financial products. The highly automated processes of the platform result in significant cost advantages. Momentarily over 400 applications are processed via EUROPACE daily. Additionally EUROPACE is the leading source for surveillance, research and analysis of European ABS transactions.

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