Pinceton Financial Systems - Success Story

"With the integration of all the project stakeholder, the substantiated and praxis based knowledge transfer, the individual Scrum Team Coaching and the use of Agilo for Scrum, agile42 was able to exceed optimal results. The motivation in our teams increased and we generate a much faster ROI."

Success Story Princeton Financial Systems GmbH

Situation Prior Project and Definition of Objectives

In 2007 the management of former Aquin Components (today Princeton Financial Systems GmbH) decided to change their product development processes from a rather traditional waterfall model to agile methods. The implementation of Enterprise Scrum should improve the time in order to react to customer wishes and market forces, to be prepared for the ongoing international growth of the company.

Agile42 was assigned with the process analysis, -definition and -implementation, the Scrum and Product Owner training and the overall individual coaching.

"The professional appearance of agile42 convinced us that agile42 was the perfect partner for our strategic aim.” (Götz Bernhardi, CEO of former Aquin)


standardisation of processes to simplify the management focussing of the team to raise the effectiveness familiarization of new employees and adjustment of internal resources should be eased and fastend. the individual adjusted software Agilo for Scrum should increase the Time to Market for new product releases, simplify operational procedures and should reduce costs for maintenance and support

The procedure

Following a systematic process analysis, agile42 started in cooperation with the management of former Aquin and the team of Order Managements to define on one hand the prospective Scrum compliant and on the other hand the company specific procedural methods. The team of agile42 teached Scrum techniques, trained all roles and coached the teams during their daily work.

The supportive tool Agilo for Scrum was used to support the Scrum process and the daily Sprints, e.g. with an automatically generated Burn down chart, specific task management or the Project Dashboard.

Result: Efficient & professional Scrum implementation

Since the project was launched two departments could be converted to the new processes with great success.

"With the involvement of all participating Stakeholders, the funded and practical knowledge transfer, the individual Scrum Team coaching and the use of Agilo for Scrum, agile42 has been able to achieve optimal results in a very short period which exceeded all of our expectations.

After a lot of Scrum iterations we recognized an improvement in the motivation within the team and a much quicker ROI."

**Götz Bernhardi, CEO of Aquin Components (today: Princeton Financial Systems GmbH)

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Princeton Financial Systems GmbH (former Aquin)

Princeton Financial Systems (PFS), a 100%% subsidiary of State Street Corporation, is a leading provider of portfolio management and accounting systems, investment compliance, data management, and reporting solutions to the global investment industry.

Our solutions are used worldwide by over 430 leading investment managers, custodians, insurance companies, pension funds, hedge funds, and banks, which manage combined total assets of over $5 trillion in more than 40 countries. These include ABP, AEGON, AIG, Allianz Global Investors, BNP Paribas, CaIPERS, CACEIS Investor Services, Citi, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, HSBC Insurance, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Nationwide, Northwestern Mutual, Prudential, RBS, Société Générale Securities Services, and State Street.

PFS, headquartered in Princeton (NJ), has offices located throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and China as well as in United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

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