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Stay healthy, go remote!

Thanks to 12 year of experience in coaching and remote work, we can deal with these challenging times. We are fully prepared to support you with interactive trainings, virtual coaching sessions, and free webinars.

Remote Services for leadership

We live in times that call for leadership: leadership to make decisions, leadership to give hope, leadership as the shared capacity that will let each and everyone of us do what is needed and adapt. In teams and organizations, we have always been talking about leadership, but it now becomes more important than ever, as uncertainty and volatility peak.

Please have a look at our ORGANIC Leadership approach. Many of the workshops and consulting related to leadership teams can be done remotely in a very interactive and structured way.

If you are interested to learn more please get in touch.

Upcoming Remote Training

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Modern Portfolio Management English Webinar Virtual/International April 17, 2020 Details
Building blocks for a resilient organization English Webinar Virtual/International April 23, 2020 Details
Type Modern Portfolio Management
Lang. English
Location Webinar
Country Virtual/International
Date April 17, 2020 Details
Type Building blocks for a resilient organization
Lang. English
Location Webinar
Country Virtual/International
Date April 23, 2020 Details

Remote Team Training

Expert Tools

Understanding the principles that form the foundation of Agile is at least as important as understanding the practices common to each agile framework, whether Scrum, Kanban or any other framework. agile42's highly interactive 2-day introduction to the principles and practices of Agile and the Scrum framework provides an energetic yet deep introduction to Agile and how it works.

Remote coaching: Team Self-Assessment

Team Training

Being an Agile team means to continuously evolve and improve. The Agile Team Self-Assessment is part of the Team Coaching Framework (TCF)  and allows your team to self-assess themselves against the 12 Agile Principles out of the Agile Manifesto. Our coaches facilitate the assessments in order to understand the status quo and to identify the areas of improvement for each team.

  • You want to empower and engage the team to become more responsible for their own performance and goal
  • You like to protect the investment made in training and forming teams?
  • You want your team to continue to improve performance and evolve?
  • An expert advice will help you spot the areas for improvement?

Our unique “Coach the Coach” Approach

Coach the Coach

This program enables your organization to grow internal Agile coaches and trainers in order to secure your investment in Agile, to get independent from external consultants and to create sustainable Agile change and growth.

Part of the Agile Coach Program is the Advanced Team Coaching Course (ATCC) 

For many Coaches or ScrumMasters remote work is a reality, not only in the actual situation. We remotely trained and coached many Agile coaches worldwide in the last 12 years. If you like to know more get in touch with us.