Certified Scrum Developer Training

Why is the CSD perfect for you?

The agile engineering practices course is a 5-day workshop in which the Development Team is introduced to key agile engineering practices and then gains practical experience while developing an application.

If you are already a CSM or CSPO, you can skip the first two training days with the Scrum Introduction and jump right into agile engineering!

Agile Engineering Practices we will introduce

State of the art practices in the following domains:
  • Collaboration within the development team and between the other Scrum roles - Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Architecture and Design that emerges out of small incremental changes
  • Continous Integration and code ownership to detect integration errors as quickly as possible
  • Refactoring as a practice to continually increase quality and built-in maintainability
  • Test-Driven Development to encourage simple design and inspire confidence

The training consists of two parts. The first part builds the foundation for working in a Scrum environment. It lasts two days and focusses on the Scrum Framework, roles and ceremonies. While the second part is all about hands-on experience and technical skills and is scheduled for three days.

Who is this Training for?

This Training is for developers and teams interested in agile engineering practices and for everybody who wants to master the technical challenges of the Scrum framework. The training connects a hands-on experience with the Scrum philosophy.

Why CSD with agile42?

The training is shaped out of our broad coaching practice. Our trainings are interactive and focussed on real life experiences. We can provide this, because additionally to our knowledge, we have a lot of international experience for your benefit in the daily work.

Please also have a look at our references! Download CSD Training as PDF!

Public Trainings

You can check here upcoming classes, or view the full calendar of agile42 training. If you have further questions, or if you would like to get an individual offer for your teams, please contact us.