ORGANIC agility Foundation Masterclass in Helsinki, Finland

Oct. 8, 2019

A 1-day training course in Helsinki with agile42 coaches Andrea Tomasini and Lasse Ziegler The course will lead to a ORGANIC agility® OaP certification.

Type of Training ORGANIC agility Foundation Masterclass
Dates Oct. 8, 2019
Location Technopolis Ruoholahti 1 - Kotler in Helsinki, Finland
Language English
Trainers Andrea Tomasini and Lasse Ziegler
Location Address
Technopolis Ruoholahti 1 - Kotler

How to get there

Hiilikatu 3

If you are a consultant, an internal Coach or you are just interested in the science, theories, and patents on which our frameworks are based, the masterclass is the right way to dig deeper. The masterclass can also give you access to an expanded toolset. Through that deep dive, plus practice and training experience, you can reach three different accreditation levels, which enable you to teach your own ORGANIC agility classes and certify the attendees. It is the first step towards becoming an ORGANIC agility Professional and part of the ORGANIC agility network.

This Masterclass will primarily focus on creating the foundation to allow candidates for the ORGANIC agility Professional designation to learn how to use and deliver the training material, as well as a deep dive into the theory to enable them to use it in practice and to answer questions in a class/workshop environment. The program starts by introducing Training from the Back of the Room as a training design approach, and then deep dives into each of the theory blocks experienced in the Foundation class, providing a stronger background theory. For the Foundations Masterclass you should have attended the ORGANIC agility Foundations Class.

Best attended together
ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations ORGANIC agility Leadership Foundations in Helsinki, Finland – Oct. 7, 2019

In the ORGANIC agility® Foundations class, you will understand the context, reason for existence, and framework of ORGANIC agility. We will go over the real-life challenges a company faces and place them in the context of current market changes. Then, we will talk about protecting an organization against the unpredictable. We will cover the concept of resilience and the role organizational culture plays in achieving it. Finally, we will introduce the ORGANIC agility framework and the understanding of an organization as a living thing, composed of multiple complex parts and able to change and evolve, as opposed to a mechanical, engineered system. This section will also go briefly over the core principles of ORGANIC agility.

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