Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) training in Copenhagen, Denmark

Dec. 11, 2019

A 2-day training course in Copenhagen with Bent Myllerup and Anders Toxboe The course will lead to a Scrum Alliance A-CSPO certification.

Type of Training Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) training
Dates From Dec. 11, 2019 to Dec. 12, 2019 (2 day)
Location MBK A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark
Language English
Trainers Bent Myllerup and Anders Toxboe
Location Address
Pilestræde 61
1112 København K

The Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner class is a two-day learning experience providing advanced education to Product Owners juggling multiple business opportunities and needing to learn how to communicate across a range of stakeholders.

This program is for someone who has complete a CSPO a year ago, has some experience working with a Scrum Team, and now wants to improve their outreach and work with the development team in the most efficient way possible

What you can learn

Design Thinking
Designers have developed a number of techniques to avoid being captured by oversimplified solutions. Taking the original problem as a suggestion and not a final statement, designers investigate the fundamental issue that needs to be addressed. Designthinking start with the problem and desired outcome rather than the solution.

Different from the Scrum team, the product team is the smallest set of people that represents the cross-functional roles that are required to make good product decisions.

Assumptions Mapping
A tool to categorize assumptions by certainty (known/unknown) and criticality (important/not important) with the purpose of creating an overview and prioritization of what should be planned for development and what requires further investigation through experiments.

Product experiments
You don't necessarily need to write a single line of code (or involve the development team) to test your most critical assumptions. Product experiments represent clever and practical ways to test the problem, market, product, and willingness to pay. Experiments are used to mitigate critical assumptions deemed important and unknown in the assumptions mapping exercise.

Dual Track Scrum
Separates the effort to discover the best solution from the effort to deliver working software. It consists of two tracks of activity: discovery and delivery. The discovery backlog holds the experiment backlog for the assumptions that was categorized as inmportant and unknown during assumptions mapping.

Continuous Discovery
Within the delivery branch, continuous delivery and integration are popular methods to minimize risk of delivery failure. When it comes to business objectives and customer needs, the process is centered around discovery and improvements in regard to business value.

Product Visionig
The art of visioning, visualizing and communicating your Product Vision to stakeholders and team and how co-creationis enabeling buyin.

Opportunity canvas
You will acquire the knowledge and experience of creating an Opportunity Canvas and understand the problem solving advantages of utilizing the Opportunity Canvas in the Product Ownership role.

Stakeholder Management
What are stakeholders? Why do we need to manage our stakeholders? Learn and practice a simple, yet powerful, way to visualise our most important stakeholders and our interactions with them.

This training fulfils all the learning objectives for an Advanced level CSPO and is necessary in order to progress as a Scrum Alliance member, in addition to related work experience.

Why choose agile42?

  • Engaging: Our courses are highly interactive and fun — not a PowerPoint assault
  • Best instructors: Our instructors have decades of experience using Scrum in hundreds of organizations large and small
  • Practical and memorable: participants learn through hands-on exercises, creating high knowledge retention
  • Learn by doing: you will apply all the Scrum practices in a practical, fun and memorable Scrum project


Participants earn 14 PDUs from the PMI, which can be applied to Project Management Professional (PMP) and PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) designations. Participants also earn 14 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) toward the renewal of Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) designations from the Scrum Alliance.

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