Scrum ve Kanban Eğitimi in Istanbul, Turkey

April 1, 2020

A 2-day training course in Istanbul with Ayşe Turunç and Figen Yalçınkaya. This course is in Turkish.

Type of Training Scrum ve Kanban Eğitimi
Dates From April 1, 2020 to April 2, 2020 (2 day)
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Time 2 days
Language Turkish
Trainers Ayşe Turunç and Figen Yalçınkaya
Agile Şemsiye altında en fazla uygulama alanı bulmuş olan Scrum ve Kanban ı pratik ve teoriyle anlamaya yönelik bir eğitim

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Certifications: A-CSM, CSM
As an Agile coach, I strongly believe in people talent, in collective intelligence and that happy teams are more efficient. I'm looking forward to put my talent to help teams and individuals to work better together and grow.