Webinar: Building blocks for a resilient organization

April 23, 2020

Webinar with agile42 coach Giuseppe De Simone.

Dates April 23, 2020
Time 12:00 pm Central European Time
Language English
Host Giuseppe De Simone
In an era of global challenges, volatile markets and exponentially faster changes, the slow response of decision making and hierarchies makes organizations more vulnerable. Obsessive focus on processes and structures derives from the common mistake of thinking of organizations as machines rather than thinking of them as organisms, social networks of thinking individuals who care about doing a good job.

A new way of thinking about leadership and decision-making is necessary. Instead of a rigid framework you rather need guiding principles to apply in different contexts: don’t copy what someone else has done before and instead find your own solution.

In this webinar we will give you an overview of the leadership framework, principles, tools and practices that help on your journey. With these you can create an organization that can organically grow and adapt to challenges of the future.
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