Webinar: Effective Large-Scale Learning

Oct. 30, 2020

Webinar with agile42 coaches Simon Sablowski and Lothar Fischmann.

Dates Oct. 30, 2020
Time 12:00 pm Central European Time
Language English
Hosts Simon Sablowski and Lothar Fischmann
More and more large corporates want and need to embrace agility. Their challenge is to provide learning to thousands of employees. You might have experienced this yourself.

Becoming agile starts with achieving a shared understanding of the values, principles, and key practices. Corporates demand solutions that are more cost-effective than sending individuals to trainings.

Our Corporate Learning Program offers large-scale learning by
- allowing individuals to familiarise themselves with key concepts at their own pace
- providing everyone with a coherent learning experience
- customising the learning journey to your company’s needs
- blending virtual self-learning (understanding key concepts) with experiential learning (putting things into practice)

In this webinar we will present our offering and what we have learned from co-developing Corporate Learning Programs with multiple clients.

We are excited to welcome Katrin Birrer from JTI (Japan Tobacco International) who will share her experience of collaborating with us on JTI’s Agile Champion program, a learning experience which is being rolled out to 10,000 employees.
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