Flight Levels Flow Design training

May 3, 2021

A remote training with agile42 coach Mike Freislich.

Type of Training Flight Levels Flow Design training
Dates From May 3, 2021 to May 5, 2021 (3 days)
Location Virtual classroom (South Africa)
Time 09:00-14:30 daily
Timezone: Africa/Johannesburg (check here for your local timezone)
Language English
Trainer Mike Freislich
Price Standard Price: R15525 incl. VAT
*Prices only applicable to persons residing in Africa
(20% discount for private bookings)
Special: Book for 3 and only pay for 2!
For those not residing in Africa, email int-office@agile.com for pricing
Availability Still places available

Create real business agility with agile interactions

There is a lot of talk in the company – and yet coordination is getting out of hand. Commitments are not kept. A lot is started, but little is finished. The work is stuck somewhere and it is impossible for customers to plan. Measurements? And the more capacities you build up, the slower everything becomes.

The problem is: If value streams are not visualized from end to end, bottlenecks and blockages remain undetected. As soon as you make dependencies visible, you can manage them and thus create better predictability.

  • You want to know what boards look like on the different Flight Levels (with a strong focus on levels 2 and 3), how you build them and how you connect them.
  • You want to lay the groundwork to be able to reliably say when work will be done and make binding commitments.
  • You want to recognize where there are problems in the value stream and with which tools you can solve them effectively.
  • You want to see what dependencies there are between teams and departments and optimize the workflow.
  • You want to ensure that the strategy is understood and implemented at the operational level and that success is measured.

How this workshop helps you

  • We will show you how to identify the strongest levers for change at each Flight Level and make them visible on boards
  • We give you the tools you need to create the necessary interaction between people and teams
  • We establish measurements with you as feedback loops with which you can track and evaluate the achievement of your goals
  • As creators of the Flight Level model, we have many years of experience in enabling customers to make real agile changes with this model

Class Agenda

  • Method-independent agile scaling
  • Basics: The “Flight Levels” Thinking Model
  • Building systems at Flight Level 2 – end-to-end coordination
  • Building Flight Level 3 systems – Strategy
  • Integration of Flight Levels systems and existing systems for agile team work (Flight Level 1)
  • Pull systems vs. push systems
  • Establish and manage agile interactions
  • Setting the right focus
  • Progress measurements

For those not residing in Africa, please email us for pricing.

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