Webinar: Focus on Value Creation - Find out what your customers actually need and how to get it to them (Principle #3)

Jan. 13, 2021

Webinar with agile42 coach Lasse Ziegler.

Dates Jan. 13, 2021
Time 13:00 pm Central European Time
Language English
Host Lasse Ziegler
A successful organization must be good at delivering value to customers. There are two sides to this equation.

First the organization needs to understand what value is. This is related to market dynamics and the identification of the target groups associated with a specific market segment. Identifying what is valuable to a target group is a process that requires validation, not an assumption to be made on the fly or within the organization's own echo chambers.

Second the organization needs to understand how to create value more effectively. Under high levels of uncertainty and volatility, the concept of value can shift significantly within a short timeframe. This is why delivering effectively and establishing fast feedback loops between the market and the organization is of vital importance.

Continuing the series on ORGANIC agility, in this webinar we will explore Principle #3 Focus on Value Creation. We will briefly touch some of the tools we use for discovering the value stream as well as how you can design an organization to deliver on a value stream.

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