Webinar: Validate Change in Small Increments (Principle #4)

Feb. 17, 2021

Webinar with Martin von Weissenberg.

Dates Feb. 17, 2021
Time 12:00 pm Central European Time
Language English
Host Martin von Weissenberg
With this principle, we propose that organizational change should be addressed in an agile way, through small continuous experimental adaptations. By leveraging “the adjacent possible" and the predispositions of the organization — small changes that people propose themselves — we reduce the risks and side-effects of change.

This allows the organization to:
- Remove the burden and risk of maintaining co-existing systems of work for long periods of time. Small changes are easily understood, quickly piloted and rapidly integrated, minimizing the uncertainty, confusion and loss of effectiveness inherent in change.
- Anchor results in the organization, as champions ask for volunteers to help define and run the experiments. By involving everyone and asking people to pull improvement work, we get more perspectives, ideas and options. We also get more certainty about the applicability of the results, and a wider acceptance throughout the organization.
- Increase transparency. Everyone hates it when an organizational change program is unexpectedly announced by top management. By having a common strategic goal and a public list of ongoing experiments, everyone — including leaders — can see what is happening and facilitate work in that direction.
- Base the improvements on organizational reality. We validate assumptions and hypotheses in a safe-to-fail environment, by running small, quick and inexpensive experiments. We can quickly react to emergent patterns and either reinforce or dampen them.
- Gain a deeper understanding of the organization by studying repeating emergent patterns. The conditions that led a group of volunteers to achieve success in an experiment can be replicated to catalyse change in other parts of the organization.

In this second-to-last webinar on ORGANIC agility, we will explore the concepts behind Principle #4: Validate in Small Increments, and look at some practical tools for managing organizational change in an agile way, including the Agile Strategy Map as well as Dave Snowden’s Safe-To-Fail Experiment canvas.
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