Training Overview - Scrum, Kanban, XP and more

Agile Trainings

agile42 offers a wide range of interactive training, addressing all agile topics. Whether you want a team building training or an official Scrum Alliances certification, agile42 is the right partner for your needs.

Why? Because our trainers are not only giving classes and know the theory, they all have comprehensive project experience and will support your individual needs during the class. That's making the difference.
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What to expect from an agile42 training session

Over the past years, agile42 delivered a significant amount of trainings, and each of them allowed us to improve our teaching as well as your learning.  In all our trainings we use techniques from Accelerated Learning and in particular principles and concepts from Training from the Back of the Room. Now, trainers can replace the traditional "Trainers talk; learners listen" paradigm with a radical new model for designing and delivering instruction: "When learners talk and teach, they learn." (Sharon Bowman). The reason why we decided to adopt these techniques is, that we have been able to measure over time that the retention of the learned concepts is better and also the concepts are deeply rooted, and well understood, not only reminded. We can improve the retention of our trainings because we also coach people after the training, which allows us to test how much the knowledge sticked.

Agile Startup Training

This two days Agile Startup Training provides everything you need to get started with Agile and Lean. The largest and fastest-growing agile project management methodologies, Scrum and Kanban are a powerful project management techniques. They have a small set of interrelated practices and rules, are not overly prescriptive and are able to produce productivity gains for software development teams almost immediately.  Agile Startup Training Flyer.pdf (76.0 KB)

Scrum Team Training

This course offers a deep understanding of Scrum and agile methods  and the way which leads to the agile team. Furthermore, we show how Scrum and agile development activities, schedules, costs and quality in software development act. The Scrum Team Training Scrum contains the agile42 Scrum Lego City Game, which has already emerged as the optimal way to learn Scrum.

Scrum Team Training

XP & more

Ever wondered how companies like Facebook or Google can develop new working features at such a crazy pace, while others take forever to release shaky software? Answer: they’re using an Agile approach that includes state-of-the-art technical practices.  XP Practices in combination with agile methods like Scrum will improve your product quality even more.

XP-Practices (TDD, Refactoring, CI etc.) Certified Scrum Developer Course (CSD)

Scrum Overview Training

Scrum is an iterative and incremental process for agile product development as well as for organizing teams. Tasks are performed faster and with higher quality by means of Scrum frameworks. This half day Scrum training provides an overview on how Scrum works and how it impacts software development activities, schedules, cost, and quality.

Scrum Overview Training