Scrum Overview Training

Introduction into Agile & Scrum, the agile Framework

Scrum is an iterative and incremental process for agile product development as well as for organizing teams. Tasks are performed faster and with higher quality by means of Scrum frameworks. High levels of self-motivation achieve are the reason because Scrum allows the team to decide for itself when the tasks should be performed and in which way this is to be done. Customer requirements are prioritized iteratively and fulfilled promptly.

Training Content

This course provides a deep understanding of the Agile development methodology and how it impacts software development activities, schedules, cost, and quality. Participants come away with an understanding of why the Agile approach is a logical one for software, as well as how to implement this methodology to improve their development organizations.

  • Scrum – the framework to control the chaos
  • The Scrum Approach – roles and rules
  • The Scrum Dynamic – release productivity
  • Scrum – for your organization
  • Q&A Are you ready for the unbeatable Scrum-performance increase?

Let Scrum speed you up!

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Who is this training for?

The Training is for anyone interested in ideas from Scrum and who wants to understand the Scrum framework. The training connects a hands-on experience with the Scrum philosophy.

Why Scrum With us?

We are familiar with the theory but we know the evidence speaks louder in practice. Therefore you might have a look on our reference page, where you find many international customer talking about their experiences with us and out method for agile transition.


Time frame: 3-4h (1⁄2 day) max. 12 participants For information on the price please call us.