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Martin von Weissenberg

Martin has worked across the software industry for over 20 years, in startups as well as multinationals, as a senior developer, sysadmin, sales engineer, project manager, process developer and partner. He started studying agile methods in 2004 and made the shift in 2006 when he first took a position as a Scrum Master.

Since joining agile42 in 2012, he has helped a large number of clients organize themselves for improved collaboration and communication, so that they can provide better products and services faster. He has done over 10 000 coaching hours and 1 000 training hours, performing substantial work with Siemens, ABB, Swedbank, Helsinki University and several other large organizations, plus countless shorter training and coaching engagements with companies in the banking, media, educational, telecom and marketing industries.

Martin is fun, empathetic and engaging to work with. He's curious and always interested in learning new things. As an analytic and systematic person who respects client organizations' current habits, he is well suited to drive even the largest transformations.

Martin has a M.Sc. (Tech) in Software Engineering and is working on a PhD on how to organize and lead for agility. He is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach since 2015 and a Certified Agile Leadership Educator since 2017. He has full training and coaching fluency in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Certifications: CEC, Approved CAL Educator, CSP, CSPO, CSM

Upcoming courses by Martin von Weissenberg

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ORGANIC agility® Foundations valid for CAL-E+O certification Swedish Stockholm Sweden Nov. 9, 2022 Register
Type ORGANIC agility® Foundations valid for CAL-E+O certification
Lang. Swedish
Location Stockholm
Country Sweden
Date Nov. 9, 2022 Register

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