Agile Awareness Training

From this course participants will gain an understanding of the benefits of an agile way of working. The aim of this training is to demonstrate the practical application of the agile principles.

We offer this training as an onsite interactive 4/8 hour session and as an online training (self-learning)


      • Empirical Process Control: Understanding the differences between Defined, Statistical and Empirical Process Control. Understanding control approaches, what to measure to achieve control, and how to steer the process.
      • Pull System vs Push System: How does a pull system compare to a push system, which type of structure and communication do the two systems support and how does this affect people engagement and accountability to work.
      • Lean Thinking: Origin of the Lean thinking, the metaphor behind Lean, the cultural shift. Lean as the thinking foundation of agility, understanding of effectiveness and efficiency, flow control, overburden and wasteful activities.
      • Iterative and Incremental: Understand that a true agile approach will both be Incremental as well as Iterative. Why it is important to apply the learnings and early feedback to create better products.
      • Intended audience: Business managers, executive managers, project management and anyone interested in understanding how an agile way of working can improve their project delivery outcomes.

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