Best of both worlds with ORGANIC agility training valid for Certified Agile Leadership

Agile Leadership is necessary for any organization that wants to learn and grow. ORGANIC agility® provides a new leadership approach, models for cultural change, insight into complexity thinking, and addresses topics that are important to every leader in any organization.

The ORGANIC Leadership Foundations Class is intended for:

  • executives, middle management, and other leaders with organizational influence
  • leaders or consultants who support, lead or interact with Agile initiatives
  • any leader sponsoring, requesting, or involved with Agile adoption within their organization

The ORGANIC Leadership® framework supports Leadership growth as a capability, rather than only seeing it as personal development of Leaders. And growing the capability of leadership within an organization requires building it into the organizational structure and culture.

To grow leadership capabilities we need to start building the ability, in ourselves and others, to see the connections between what we do and the effect that has on our organizational culture, our environment and us as a leader. Becoming a true Strategic Leader will allow you to focus on what matters and equip you to head a resilient organization.

CAL I is an introductory, educational course from the Scrum Alliance that consists of in-depth leadership development learning objectives across five categories. The goal of CAL I is to bring awareness of agile leadership thinking, focus, and behaviors; and to start (or meet where they are) the agile leader on their learning journey. CAL I is the first step of the Certified Agile Leadership program.

Starting this year, our Certified ORGANIC Leadership® Foundations Workshop in combination with a 3h virtual training session provides you the CAL I credential of the Scrum Alliance. It is literally the best of both worlds!

agile42 CAL-Educators and coaches will offer multiple classes of the ORGANIC agility Foundation valid for CAL I during 2020, available in Germany (Berlin), the Netherlands (Alphen a/d Rijn and Amsterdam), Australia (Melbourne), Sweden (Stockholm), Finland (Helsinki) and Turkey (Istanbul). See the full calendar to check your closest location. More classes will be added during the year.

You can contact us for further information and to organize in-house classes.

Learn more about the ORGANIC agility Leadership model from senior coach Andrea Tomasini in this video.

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