Archetype Assessment

A part of the ORGANIC agility framework

ORGANIC agility - Archetype Assessment Package

Remote and on-site

The archetype assessment package, in-person or virtual, is an engaging and meaningful activity that reveals what people think about the way leadership achieves results in your organization. It is especially useful when you want to support every single person in becoming more autonomous and contributing more and for maintaining harmony and leadership when introducing change in organizational culture.

What is an archetype assessment?

In the ORGANIC Leadership framework, an archetype brings together the outlook and behaviors of leaders and teams, the needs of the context, and organizational culture. Distinct and harmonious combinations of those characteristics are expressed in five archetypes, typical examples that are general enough to apply to all organizations and make them specific only in context. The assessment allows groups and leaders to express what combinations (archetypes) they see themselves operating in, what expectations they have of one another, and how they can make changes without alarming and disappointing the people they work with. The aim is often to give teams autonomy, and allow everyone to participate in leadership and shape strategy while maintaining cultural coherence in the organization and the group.

Who is it for, and what do you get out of it?

This assessment can be of value to everyone who works with other people, especially if going through any sort of change, whether intentional (such as an agile journey) or unintentional (such as a merger). Change creates friction and both leaders and the people they work with struggle with knowing in what ways it is useful to change and how they can best reduce resistance and help support growth in themselves and others. This knowledge of current states, expectations, most beneficial directions and things to look out for is exactly what the archetype assessment has to offer. Company founders, C-level, people who work with Human Resources, leaders at the senior and team level, project managers, coaches and people in similar roles, as well as people who exercise a lot of influence regardless of their own are especially invited to consider the possibilities.

What is in this package?

The primary component of this package is a workshop supported by expert facilitators. It can be delivered in 2-3h or day formats depending on the needs and desires of the group and it is available in in-house and virtual versions. The workshop is supported by flexible post-workshop leadership coaching to facilitate the translation of the lessons learnt to action.

Archetype assessments will be delivered by accredited ORGANIC agility Professionals.