Kanban Start-Up Package

Training & Coaching

Training alone is not enough, let us help you with your journey and path to alternative agility. We will assist you in creating Kanban systems for your organization by empowering you to manage the work you do now, so that you can improve the way you deliver and evolve your business to better suit your customers.

We understand that the challenge only begins after you’ve done the training and when it's time to apply knowledge to your world. This start-up package offers you efficient support and guidance during your journey of practical implementation of the Kanban Method.

The Start Up Package contains:


    • 1 Day Team Kanban Practitioner training (TKP), covers the basics of Kanban to enable a team to get started or 2 Day Kanban system design training (KMP I), designing and or improving your Kanban system for optimal flow and faster delivery.
    • 1 Day STATIK (Systems thinking approach to introducing Kanban) Workshop
    • 6 Days Coaching for 1 system
    • 1 Day Data driven STATIK Workshop (Analyzing current delivery capability)



Our Kanban Start-up Package is specially constructed to achieve a diversity of goals. Some of which will be achieved by assisting you with coaching on how to apply Kanban to your current process and how to introduce flow and metrics. This will create an environment where improvement opportunities become clear and more supportive of collaboration. With Kanban there is no one size fits all solution because every context is different which means the implementation, we build together will be different.

We coach you on how to create an environment where individuals can have open and collaborative conversations on how to solve the problems in their work.

Let us help coach you in creating a space for agile interactions in your organization.

General Information on Kanban

Much like Agile, the Kanban Method is a set of principles and practices which have been combined from learnings as observed from various successful Kanban initiatives worldwide. Over time it has grown into an effective tool for organisation which can help them achieve greater business agility. At Agile 42 we use The Kanban Method to embrace the constant change that is characteristic of managing knowledge work. All industries including information technology , financial services and the insurance world can all become more open to collaboration internally, unified and productive by streamlining organization chaos in the face of growing competitive pressures.

Coaching will include

  • Understanding core concepts of the Kanban Method.
  • Learn the 3 Change Management Principles and the 6 General Practices of The Kanban Method in practice
  • Experience the benefit of WIP limits to improve flow.
  • Coaching on how to run the Kanban meetings to focus on the work and allow the team to organize around it
  • Coaching on creating the right Feedback Loops for Continuous Learning
  • Implementing and looking at opportunities to Scaling out your Kanban system
  • Identifying data point to balancing your demand and capability
  • Coaching and providing tools on how to optimize your flow and predictability

Who is the Start-up Package for?

This Start-up Package is for any professional who is responsible for product/project delivery or is part of a delivery or service team who has completed some Kanban training. Kanban works across all levels of an organisation, from senior members of staff to members of delivery teams and is appropriate for anyone wishing to improve their working environment and delivery capability.