Applying Kanban (Foundation-KMP I) training, Kapkaupunki, Etelä-Afrikka

24. lokakuuta 2019

Kapkaupunki, 2 päivän koulutus, kouluttajana agile42:n valmentajina Mike Freislich ja Rochelle Roos. Tästä kurssista Kanban University antaa KMP -sertifikaatin.

Koulutus Applying Kanban (Foundation-KMP I) training
Ajankohta From 24. lokakuuta 2019 to 25. lokakuuta 2019 (2 päivä)
Seuraava koulutus: Kanban Systems Design - KMP I, Johannesburg, Etelä-Afrikka, 2020-03-04
Paikka Old Mutual House, Kapkaupunki, Etelä-Afrikka
Kellonaika 08:00-17:00
Kieli englanti
Kouluttajat Mike Freislich ja Rochelle Roos
Old Mutual House
33 Klaasens Rd
Cape Town, 7708
This is a certified Kanban training course and it follows the high quality standards of the Kanban University (KU). It fulfills the KMP I (Kanban Management Professional I) requirement and provides eligibility to take KMP II training. Completion of a KMP II class, will result in the designation Certified Kanban Management Professional, a recognized industry accreditation offered by KU.

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Sertifioinnit: AKT, KMP, CAL-I, CLP, CSM, CSPO, CTC
Mike has worked as an IT professional since 1994 and has been involved in managing teams and developing software products since 1998.

Since discovering Agile in 2005, Mike has been passionate about helping teams and organisations achieve their potential through the use of Lean and Agile methods.

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I love working with highly motivated individuals and like-minded teams who share my interest in adding value and moving forward. Applying a systems thinking approach to aligning Agile methodologies at organizational level while working with clients to build the correct cultural and context-driven practices is what drives me.
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