Avoimet koulutukset: Improving Kanban (Advanced)


Tyyppi Lang. Paikkakunta Country Pvm *
Improving Kanban (Advanced) englanti Johannesburg Etelä-Afrikka 25. kesäkuuta 2018 Details
Tyyppi Improving Kanban (Advanced)
Lang. englanti
Paikkakunta Johannesburg
Pvm 25. kesäkuuta 2018 Details


Sertifioinnit: AKT, KMP, CAL-I, CLP, CSPO, CSM
Mike has worked as an IT professional since 1994 and has been involved in managing teams and developing software products since 1998.<br><br>Since discovering Agile in 2005, Mike has been passionate about helping teams and organisations achieve their potential through the use of Lean and Agile methods.
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