Avoimet koulutukset: Scrum Aktivitelerini Etkili Yönetme Eğitimi


Tyyppi Kieli Paikkakunta Maa Ajankohta *
Scrum Aktivitelerini Etkili Yönetme Eğitimi turkki Istanbul Turkki 24. joulukuuta 2019 Kuvaus
Tyyppi Scrum Aktivitelerini Etkili Yönetme Eğitimi
Kieli turkki
Paikkakunta Istanbul
Ajankohta 24. joulukuuta 2019 Kuvaus


Sertifioinnit: A-CSM, CSM
As an Agile coach, I strongly believe in people talent, in collective intelligence and that happy teams are more efficient. I'm looking forward to put my talent to help teams and individuals to work better together and grow.
Sertifioinnit: CSM, CSP
I act as a change agent where the teams, domains need to enhance agility to reach their goals , to create a shared vision ıf needed. I coach every kind of team , every domain, like management teams or like customer care, technology and sales groups. I asses and find areas where the company can benefit most and help them leading the change.
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