Navigate uncertainty: Strategy and innovation with Cynefin™ & Wardley Maps a Stoccolma, Svezia

22 Ottobre 2019

A 2-day workshop in Stoccolma with Dave Snowden e Simon Wardley.

Tipo di corso Navigate uncertainty: Strategy and innovation with Cynefin™ & Wardley Maps
Date Dal 22 Ottobre 2019 al 23 Ottobre 2019 (2 giorno)
Luogo Sheraton Stockholm Hotel a Stoccolma, Svezia
Orari 8:30-17:00
Lingua Inglese
Insegnanti Dave Snowden e Simon Wardley
Indirizzo del luogo
Sheraton Stockholm Hotel
Tegelbacken 6, 101 23
Prezzo Early Bird fino al 24 Settembre 2019: 27 000 SEK (+VAT)
Prezzo standard: 29 000 SEK (+VAT), special price for Workshop + ORGANIC agility Foundations training
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How do we make sense of the world so we can act in it? And how do we find a way to map our challenges onto a real business map that allows us to find our way? Two popular approaches are Dave Snowden’s Cynefin™ Framework and Simon Wardley’s Wardley Maps. Many people have found these useful separately, but increasingly people are exploring the potential synergies, as they both provide valuable sense-making capacity in strategic and operational work across a broad range of applications. Maps, frameworks, methods, and manifestos all have their role and function in organizational strategy and the theory behind it, and understanding the differences and connections between them will be important as we enter times of increasing uncertainty.

This two-day workshop is an opportunity to take part in an event where the two thought leaders will engage in a seminar-style dialogue, which will explore the blending of their ways of thinking, as well as interact with participants to address responses to their real-world challenges. The first masterclass of that type in Reading, UK in December 2018 was unique in creating novelty out of the interaction of the two approaches. This masterclass will allow this synergy to mature even further, to the benefit of the participants. It promises to be a seminal event.

What will you learn?

Participants will build skills for facilitating discussions and promote action-oriented thinking that responds and evolves as conditions change within leadership teams. In this masterclass, we will explore and put into practice the synergies between the Cynefin™ and Wardley Maps. Some of the discussions to look forward to are:
  • a concise introduction to the Cynefin™ Framework and Wardley Maps
  • the interplay between the Cynefin™ Framework and Wardley Maps
  • link Apex Predator Theory and climatic patterns of Wonder, Peace & War
  • the role of narrative and cognitive mapping in allowing weak signal detection and the anticipation of the novel evolution of parts into a different whole

  • some of the new work arising from the recent Cynefin Centre retreats on the role of scaffolding and constraints in managing complex systems

  • the use, discovery, and separation of universal patterns, context-specific plays and economic rules of the game
  • organizing the company around the Cynefin™ Framework and Wardley Maps

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Abbinamento consigliato
ORGANIC agility Foundations ORGANIC agility Foundations a Stoccolma, Svezia – 24 Ottobre 2019

To be able to understand how you can put the theory from the workshop into practice, we would like to add the ORGANIC agility Foundation training as a practical day after the workshop. Becoming a resilient organization and adapting to an agile way of working requires a shift in mindset and culture. For organizational leadership at every level, from strategy design to implementation, this means understanding the challenges the current market environment poses and how best to respond to them. This interactive workshop helps you to, not just understand, but experience how ORGANIC agility can support your organization in dealing with complexity and how to become resilient in a volatile environment – and why that matters.

Workshop + ORGANIC agility Foundations training
Normal package price: 32 000 SEK (+VAT)
EarlyBird package price: 30 000 SEK (+VAT) (ends on 24.9.2019)

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Dave Snowden divides his time between two roles: founder Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge and the founder and Director of the Centre for Applied Complexity at the University of Wales.
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Simon Wardley, based in the UK, is a Researcher for Leading Edge Forum and the lead practitioner for Wardley Maps advisory service helping clients anticipate market and ecosystem developments.
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