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Matteo Carella

Matteo is an Agile Coach, Trainer and facilitator, passionate about Complexity Science and human system dynamics. During his career he has worked in a wide range of fields: from code development to user experience, product and business development, digital transformation and HR. He has coached teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Executives and C-level Leaders in different business contexts such as IT, advertising, banking and TELCO.

He is passionate about helping teams and people to unlock their full potential and his work is helping companies to create, share, use and manage knowledge, foster innovation and turn their way of working into a competitive advantage. In short, as Matteo likes saying, he "helps organizations in making business in uncertainty".

Conference speaker and events guest, he has hosted talks on culture, resilience and business agility during several conferences in Italy and Japan.

Certificazioni: CSPO, KMP

Prossimi corsi di Matteo Carella

Tipo Lingua Luogo Nazione Data *
Agile Coach Certified Training (ICP-ACC) Italiano Corso remoto Italia 05 Luglio 2021 Registrati
ICAgile Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC) Inglese Corso remoto Europa 13 Settembre 2021 Dettagli
ICAgile Team Facilitation Certification (ICP-ATF) Italiano Corso remoto Italia 20 Settembre 2021 Registrati
Tipo Agile Coach Certified Training (ICP-ACC)
Lingua Italiano
Luogo Corso remoto
Nazione Italia
Data 05 Luglio 2021 Registrati
Tipo ICAgile Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC)
Lingua Inglese
Luogo Corso remoto
Nazione Europa
Data 13 Settembre 2021 Dettagli
Tipo ICAgile Team Facilitation Certification (ICP-ATF)
Lingua Italiano
Luogo Corso remoto
Nazione Italia
Data 20 Settembre 2021 Registrati